Time to Change Your Bathroom Decor? Try These Styles

In a world where you are bombarded with Do it Yourself (DIY) project ideas and pictures of before and after, you may be tempted to actually embark on your own DIY journey. It can be rewarding and satisfying to look at your own work. A professional comes with a cost and whilst the job may be done well, they may not have met all your requirements.

Doing or redoing your bathroom has become a trend. There are things you can do to change your decor; painting, adding enclosures (you may need a professional for this one) and even utilizing the space to give it a bigger feel. Whatever your taste, there are several bathroom decors for you to try.

The Modern Decor

As the name implies, it is modern and what everyone is probably doing. Your bathroom is probably going to have a glass enclosure and well a lot of glass. Your vanity may be glass and even the counters. If done well these can be very elegant and if not, they can seem over done and appear as if you are trying too hard. The key is to have the right blend of glass, ceramic and concrete. If you go this way, then choose your colors carefully.

Antique or Classic

If you watched Victorian movies you may have been obsessed with their claw foot tubs and decide that you want one. So, you get your tub and now you decide to design your entire decor around the tub. Nothing is wrong with being ambitious but you would make people cringe if you chose a brown decor. This again shows that you’re trying too hard. You can use browns but consider mixing it with lighter colors like creams or even yellows and different shades of white. Whether you decide on marble or wood, your bathroom should be a chick and a reflection of what you are trying to portray.

Tropical Feel

Some persons go for a tropical bathroom. By tropical, they want to use bamboos and get the feeling of being on vacation. These bathrooms are beautiful with their rain shower heads, saunas, and even shower benches. You can basically do anything here; from shells to plants, creating mirages or even having an overhead ceiling fan. The key here is not to exaggerate but create subtle hints of a tropic feel. Top off this decor with some vibrant colors or even a tropical scented candle to give you the feeling of being on an island retreat.

Simple Decor

Nothing is wrong with simple especially if you have a budget and are working with a small space. If you are working with a small space, the key is using shelves but don’t use too many shelves that it appears as if you are creating clutter. You can do anything with this design; mix up modern and classic or simply just have a bathroom that is your oasis. Either way, lighting, and scents are very important for creating the mood.

Top 10 Kitchen Countertops for Supreme Luxury & Style

The kitchen is a critical part of every home, both in living in a home and buying or selling. What’s more, the design of a kitchen countertop plays a big role in the kitchen’s appeal. While granite has been the usual choice for durable and luxury, there are other kitchen countertops you can choose from. Below are some of the best kitchen countertops for supreme style and luxury:

Concrete Kitchen Countertops

For the past several years, many people used concrete kitchen countertops due to its durability. As a matter of fact, if it’s sealed properly, these are heat and scratch resistant. They may be customized for color, texture, and shape, which is a bonus. Concrete kitchen countertops are heavy and require substantial support by lower cabinetry and may be damaged or stained by acidic substances.

Soapstone Kitchen Countertops

A natural, luxe material with lots of veining, the soapstone makes a beautiful kitchen countertop. These soapstone kitchen countertops look very chic and sleek and complete the kitchen’s look in different styles.

Lava Stone Kitchen Countertops

These are lesser known, yet becoming famous recently. Lava stone is a beautiful and dramatic choice for countertops. Available in highly glossy or matte sheens and a range of color options, Lava Stone may be customized to fit any kind of kitchen. However, lava stone kitchen countertops are one of the priciest options today.

Glass Kitchen Countertops

Because of classic and modern aesthetic, glass kitchen countertops are one of the favorite options of many homeowners. These offer a distinct sense of style and these are very easy to clean.

Butcher Block Kitchen Countertops

Natural, warm, and earthy, butcher block kitchen countertops are a famous choice for serious chefs, period/historic homes, and anyone who likes wood’s natural beauty and warmth in the kitchen.

Bio-Glass Kitchen Countertops

A bio-glass kitchen countertop is an eco-friendly option and it is available in different colors. When compared to other countertops, bio-glass kitchen countertops are made from 100% recycled glass materials.

Limestone Kitchen Countertops

Limestone is a known organic substance that frequently resembles marble, yet it has the advantage of being a much durable, tougher substance for kitchen countertops.

Marble Kitchen Countertops

These are a timeless classic in a well-designed home. The luxury and veining of marble makes a sophisticated statement in any kitchens. But, marble does stain and scratch easily. It’s highly recommended for use in the smaller countertop sections like baking station.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Countertops

While years have shown every stainless steel kitchen appliances to be all the rage, the countertops of the same substance have been slower in materializing. However, they are here now. Stainless steel is a great material for kitchen countertops because of its qualities like scratch resistant and heat resistant.

Quartz Kitchen Countertops

If you are thinking of an alternative for granite countertops, choose quartz kitchen countertops. It’s similar in look, yet quartz is much durable and sturdy. It is also a long-lasting, hard substance and its glossy surface is simple to clean with mild soaps.

How to Renovate Your Kitchen For an Improved Lifestyle

Renovating a kitchen is always an ideal solution to any outdated kitchen design. However, kitchen renovation isn’t the same as bathroom renovation. You might think it’s easy to upgrade your kitchen after you have renovated your bathroom. But, the truth is, renovating a kitchen is a different story because you have to consider various designs, materials, and so much more. Therefore, you should always rely on the help of professionals to get results.

Things to Consider

The first step in renovating your kitchen is to create a plan within your budget. Then, it’s time to shop around in some of the big home improvement warehouses and stores to research the different prices and options. Plan every element together that’s important to you like the layout of your kitchen. Are you going to consider a modern design or just the classic one?

There are numerous kinds of flooring that you may choose for your kitchen and these often include tile, hardwood or vinyl. All of these can transform your kitchen into a fantastic and gorgeous one. If you love DIY projects, you can do the renovation on your own. Window treatments and lighting fixtures may all be done once the paint dries.

Benefits of Kitchen Renovation

  • Enhance Function

There are some things that you may do when renovating the kitchen to enhance its overall function. For instance, adding cabinets or extending existing cabinets to the ceiling may help provide more storage space. If you like to go further, knocking down the wall between the living space and kitchen can let you add more space. Just upgrade your kitchen appliances or lighting fixture may help you make your kitchen much functional.

  • Enhance Sustainability

Upgrading the kitchen appliances to more energy efficient models will surely help you make your kitchen much eco-friendly, yet it isn’t the only thing that you can do to make a more sustainable kitchen environment. Install some low-flow water faucets to reduce water use and consider the materials that are sustainable including recycled, wood, salvaged or bamboo materials for cabinets or countertops.

  • Boost Comfort

Renovating a kitchen can improve comfort in numerous ways. For instance, better ventilation may help reduce the heat and odors that cooking in the kitchen generates. Installing kitchen islands that offer seating space can be a good way of adding a dining area to your home. Adding bigger windows will help you bring in more sunlight.

  • Updates Your Kitchen’s Appearance

If the visual design of your kitchen is trapped in 1970s or 1980s, it could use a visual update. You may also changer the whole appearance of your kitchen through re-painting the cabinets and walls and through upgrading every cabinet hardware. You may also go an extra mile and install some cabinets, new floors, and countertops.

Remodeling or renovating your kitchen is a big project with tons of variables to consider. Get rid of the common remodel and design mistakes and you can guarantee that you will get the kitchen of your dreams.

Highly Desirable Bathroom Design Trends for 2017 & Beyond

Bathrooms might seem to be the dullest as well as not fashionable space of the home. However, if you will think about it, the bathroom is the place where you always spend a lot of you time. So, why not turn it into a space that will give you more than just the relaxation you need?

Transform it into something unique and stylish with these bathroom design trends for year 2017 and beyond:

Combination of Organic and Modern

This creates a dynamic atmosphere, which evokes stylish and clean sensation. The juxtaposition of stone and wood to synthetics is very combinative, clever, and perfect for different designs.

Make the Precise Easy

To create an easiness of the design can be quite hard, one should aim to a gorgeous final outlook, which provides the feeling that the bathroom is planned carefully without being obsessed over. The well-balanced atmosphere may be achieved when the combination of modern and classy, the warmth and minimalism, the nature and innovation comes in a harmonic point, which sit
s on a delicate edge.

Combination of the Natural Materials to Make Something Exciting and New

Remember that 2017 will be marked by the return to the organic and natural as well as an unalterable search of functional and new. Therefore, in you want to achieve a stunning bathroom design, choose a simple arrangement of your spaces and incorporate a dash of elegance and organic coziness. Let your creativity and imagination flow into the bathroom with a play of art based on a contemporary style’s creation.

Darker Colors

Moody and dark colors make a big comeback at the scene of bathroom interior design. Once used right, these colors will exude relaxation and luxury. Slate tiles will be very famous this year. The most popular trend for this season will be gray. This color may be dull, yet it works wonderfully in a perfect range of hues and shades. It also adds moody, elegant, tranquil or dynamic atmosphere.

Continuity as the New Dynamics

Making your life much innovative and pleasant with the materials that are easy to fit and maintain may also be a playful and dynamic choice. Ensuring the classy and stylish atmosphere the straight lights as well as the masonry aesthetic provokes the usage of the same material for cladding floors and walls. Continuity will go to be huge trend for 2017 and beyond and it’s a design trend that offers playfulness and simplicity at the same time.

Timeless Materials Combined with Innovation

Another natural material that brings back the nature’s domain into your homes is undoubtedly the wood. It’s clear that the research and innovations in the material usage’s sphere enable the rich variety of stone, timber, ceramics, and metal to be used in an innovative manner.

Depending on your design preferences or theme of the house, you should choose the design trend that will match your needs. If you want something unique, add a personal touch on your selected design trends.